Monday, September 20, 2010


It's my nieces birthday tomorrow and I wanted to send her some money. I took the wonderful Jenny Moors idea of creating a card with a perforated section but instead of making it into a bookmark I changed the dimensions and made it into a removable money holder!

The bit which says Amazing, thoughtful etc is the pocket that I can put her money in and she can then tear it off so that she can keep the card.

I then decorated the envelope to match.

I'm not usually this creative. I am very good at copying other peoples ideas but with the Stampin UP! stash it's so easy to be creative.

We went to Heythrop Zoological Gardens this weekend for their open day. My friend Mims father in law owns it and is a very famous lion tamer. He is often spotted on the Discovery Channel.

He has been training some white lions and Saturday was their first public outing and they were amazing.
He had the lions waving, jumping through hoops, running on barrels and the girls were in awe as were Mark and I.
After the lions we took them out to have a camel ride each which they both loved.
They love the fact that my friend lives at such a cool place and they can go there anytime. Unfortunately for me, Thalia fell in love in the reptile house and is now asking for a snake......

Have a great day

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